Cupcakes for a Cause

This video was a project that I worked on  last semester (with two other students) that I felt I couldn’t redo even if I tried. I decided to repost it as part of my video pitch for this blog.

Although the project was complete as a group, the cause is dear to my heart and something that I have been doing monthly for the last six months.

We have so many charities in the world for those families and individuals that are less fortunate. It is several programs that serve the needs of others through food pantries, utility assistance programs, domestic violence shelters, and programs like toys for tots.

Some people look forward to this time of year, Christmas time. Others look forward to Valentine’s day. The most important day to me are birthdays. Birthdays are the only day of the year that belongs to you (except if you are a twin or your sibling happens to be born on the same day).

Since this day so important to me, it lead to me thinking about children that live in domestic violence or homeless shelters. These children didn’t ask to be put in these type of situations yet they are in them. We take for granted the cake and cards we receive or the love that our friends and families show to us.  With that said, I wanted to give back but not in the normal sense of giving back. I wanted to think of something that is different to provide to these children. Something that could put a smile on the face of these children  that were facing diversity in their lives. Cupcakes for a Cause gives these children a special moment to feel special.







3 thoughts on “Cupcakes for a Cause”

  1. What a great idea! It’s weird to think about how many charities that revolve around holidays, yet not many focus on birthdays. This would be the perfect way to make a child feel special, especially if they had been neglected in the past. I feel selfish thinking back to my younger birthdays, remembering the disappointment when the attention was not solely focused on me. I also think of the birthdays I have had when close friends made the biggest deal out it, and of how much joy their actions brought me. This charity would be a great way of bringing that joy to children.


  2. I love this idea Quil! I think that applying birthdays to victims of domestic violence is a great way to acknowledge their individual importance and the value that they bring to the world despite how they have been treated in the past. Your idea could bring them hope towards a new year of their life and a brighter future.


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