Personal EEG Coach

This is an idea that I’m working on in one of my classes that I don’t currently have the resources to do as much as I want to do with, but I think could solve so many problems in our society.



6 thoughts on “Personal EEG Coach”

  1. Woah. If this thing could actually exist that would be amazing. There are so many times when people are unable to explain what they are feeling. This device would connect the outside world with inner feelings. The separation of these worlds would help a patient recognize what triggers them. This recognition is essential to their recovery. Really cool idea.


    1. Thanks, Kendall! I have for a long time now been fascinated with neuroscience. The many unexplored mysteries in the brain are so close and important, I often wonder if it’s worth searching space before we understand ourselves, our own anatomy. In particular, I think we don’t pay close enough attention to our mental health. If 1/5th of people struggle with these problems, how can we hope to achieve greatness as a society. They are not uncommon and there is likely potential for anyone to become happier and healthier using mind tracking technology or transcendental meditation.


  2. Kate commented that we had similar idea, so I decided to check yours out. My idea was for a football helmet that detected concussions, but I like how your idea isn’t just for football, but for everybody. Mental illnesses are something that a lot of people suffer from, and for some reason still have a little bit of a negative connotation connected to it. An invention like this would bring mental illness make the issue more public and hopefully remove the negative stigma attached to it.


    1. Mental Illness does have a negative connotation to it. I wonder why that is. I think people would be generally very accepting when if a football player breaks a bone and is in a cast. If in the same game a football player were to get a concussion that causes a lasting mental illness, people seem to view this differently. By understanding the causes and treatment options I think we can help a lot of people. You might be interested in one of the IDEAS class projects that is building a bicycle helmet with pressure sensors and accelerometers to determine the severity of impacts.


  3. Great concept. Is the EEG diagnosis technology accurate enough to detect clear mental health issues?

    This is all original?

    “Hotel California” is an odd choice.

    I might have gone with this…


    1. Jordi,

      Detection: with the high end devices is very good. Even though mental illness is a gray area with some less severe cases, EEG’s are able to predict with close to a 90% accuracy between different illnesses, and healthy people.

      Originality: Personal EEG’s are not an original idea, and there are a few patents out for this kind of technology. However, the uniqueness in the idea (if any) would be in the therapy-integration within the device. I don’t think that making claims for an “inconspicuous EEG” on its own would constitute an “original idea” either.

      I went for Hotel California because I believe that addiction is something that people don’t often attribute to be a mental illness, but you’re right. Crazy would have been a good choice.


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