Let Them Drink!


12 thoughts on “Let Them Drink!”

  1. Great idea! I feel like President Bravman has actually made it a point to note that he advocates for 18 year old drinking age, as nearly every time he speaks to students he states his belief. HOw would we transition from 21 to 18? Do you think we are capable of transitioning?


  2. Good idea. This has been one of the most talked about topics for several years. I also think that if the drinking age is reduced to 18, individuals will attain more of a responsibility at a younger age with alcohol. This idea would prevent sneaking around stealing parents beer, as well creating awkward environments as you mentioned. It’s kind of crazy how one can take a bullet for a country, but not have beer.


  3. In European countries, drinking does not have the hype that it has gotten in the United States, and I think it’s because drinking is something that has grown into our culture as something that many do even though it is illegal. I definitely encourage the idea as it seems like it would cause people to become familiar with alcohol at a younger age, when it is less harmful and causes less abuse of the drug. Perhaps, if people were familiar with the dangers of alcohol before they are able to get into a car to drive, there would be less teenage alcohol-related accidents.


  4. In response to Kilman’s comment/question- I think that it would make the world a better place by hopefully preventing teens from drinking and driving. Teens often get in the car after having a few beverages with friends because they know their parents expect them home that night, and they are often too afraid of the punishment they will receive are not home by curfew or if their parents find out that they have been drinking underage. This then leads to teens getting behind the wheel, resulting in accidents that not only harm their own lives, but the innocent lives of those who happen to be on the road at the same time. If the drinking age were lower, perhaps teens would not feel so pressured to hide drinking from their parents, and they would be more comfortable with shooting their parents a text saying “hey I think I’m just gonna spend the night here rather than getting on the road,” after they’ve had a few.


  5. In many conversations with President Bravman, as Jack stated, he has supported this idea. It is something that was campaigned for by many college presidents in the mid to early 2000s, but ultimately died out due to lack of support from Washington. I think it would help to solve many problems in the U.S. in terms of safe and responsible drinking.


  6. I find the unintended consequences of prolonging adolescence to interfere with my ability to be an educator to young adults.

    In those states where marijuana is legalizing, at what age is the age of use?

    Maybe we can combine this with Cate S’s. Have BAC detection technology embedded in keys/steering wheels so you LITERALLY cannot drink and drive.

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    1. The legal age of marijuana use in Colorado is 21: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_policy_of_Colorado

      I really like the combination of lowering age restrictions on drinking alcohol while simultaneously implementing technology to prevent drinking and driving. While I think allowing 18+ to drink legally could be one way to reduce drunk driving, it is clearly not enough to stop it completely. With how dangerous of an action it can be I see no problem with forcefully stopping someone from starting a car with a BAC over .08


  7. I do agree with the previous comments that in Europe drinking at an early age is certainly more commonplace but tends to be a less risky activities.
    In some countries in Europe (Romania) the legal age of 18 is not very strongly enforced at all and even from the tender age of 14 one can walk into a bar and grab a brew. However, drinking tends to be a very social and low risk activity, resuming to only having a couple of beers with friends most of the time.
    Do you think there would be any short-term negative consequences for people who are between 18 and 21 if “the floodgates open”?


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