Making Football a Safer Game

This past weekend, an Ohio State football player name Kosta Karageorge committed suicide. Before killing himself, Karageorge sent a text to his mom apologizing if he had been an embarrassment, because of concussions that he he sustained. Karageorge is not the only football player to take his life with signs pointing to brain injuries suffered while playing football as the cause. Hopefully this invention would prevent future tragedies like this from happening and making football a safer game.

I tried creating a PowerPoint that plays by itself, but am having trouble embedding it in my post. Right now, I don’t think that it plays automatically, and I’m going to try to fix that before comments


9 thoughts on “Making Football a Safer Game”

  1. Superb idea! I think it’s very interesting how you and Matt came up with very similar ideas. What would you think of combining those technologies? Could the idea of the helmet be changed into wearable technology for other sports? What is the technology also offered feedback to tell the player how to play the game more safely (might be more applicable to runners if there was a device in the shoe detecting running style issues)?


    1. I checked out Matt’s post and could definitely see these two inventions working together. My idea was that if somebody was diagnosed with a concussion while playing football, their brain activity during their everyday life could be monitored with Matt’s invention. This would be a way of tracking to see if the concussion was healing, or if more serious brain injuries were developing as a result of the concussion.


  2. Love this idea Thomas. I can only imagine what a difference this helmet would have made if it were around over the past few decades. I still can’t believe the number of concussions someone like Junior Seau must have suffered during his long career.

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  3. I think this idea is especially important considering how big of a business the NFL is and all the jobs and careers relying on it to exist. In a business sense, this is a necessary improvement to the future of the NFL.


  4. What do you think has stopped the NFL, and other leagues around the world from adopting more advanced concussion technology helmets? Also, while the NFL undoubtedly has a concussion problem its also heartening to see how far ahead we are of other countries. For example the Football Association, governing body of soccer in England, passed concussion regulations just last July. Before this, there was next to nothing regulating head injuries in football (soccer).


    1. I think there are two reasons there haven’t been more advanced concussion technology in the NFL. First, I don’t know if this technology exists, and if it does how accurate it is. Second, these types of would definitely very expensive. I don’t think that the NFL owners would want to spend that sort of money. Owners claim to want more player safety, but also advocate for an 18 game season, which would increase the chance of a player injury. The majority of NFL owners care about making a profit the most, and buying these sorts of helmets would really cut into that


  5. I think this is an awesome idea. Like Kate mentioned in her comment, I am also curious as to how this idea could be used in other sports. I was a big lacrosse player for 10 years and I do not remember a time when someone on both my school team and my club team did not have a concussion. One of my teammates had so many concussions that they made her start wearing a helmet that looked like a water polo cap thing. Not sure how much actual protection it provided her, but probably better than nothing.


  6. Ok, I know this is not going to be popular, but, switch to flag football.

    Also, I wonder if the problem exists in Rugby? If not, maybe it is because the lack of a helmet creates a self-limiting factor?


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