Pace Yourself!

As explained above, my idea is to have parks install a system that I’m calling “Pace Yourself!” This system will consist of a series of small cylindrical lights that would be spaced 30 ft. or so apart from each other and will help to keep the pace of local bikers and runners. People planning on using the system will be able to program their preferred pace (min/mile) on either a kiosk, or app and will be able to choose the color of their pacer.

Example of what the kiosk for the Pace Yourself! system may look like.
Example of what a kiosk for the Pace Yourself! system could potentially look like.

After pressing go the lights on the trail will flash at the designated pace so that the runner/biker will have a visual motivator to keep up with. The lights will be solar powered and will communicate with each other by using Bluetooth technology. The separate colors serve as a way for runners/bikers to distinguish their pacer from those they may pass (although the lights will likely be moving along the trail at different speeds if one runner/biker is passing another). This was an idea of mine that I, as well as the rest of my group, then further developed in a MIDE class called Design Realization.




8 thoughts on “Pace Yourself!”

  1. Cool idea! This would really improve the efficiency of personal fitness, but what about its benefits for the greater world. Does a more efficient fitness routine lead to more healthier lives in America?


  2. Thanks Andrew! With the latest fitness craze sweeping America, I feel an innovative idea like this will not only help motivate people during their workouts, but motivate them TO workout. As seen on the Kiosk prototype, there could even be an option to have a run summary sent to your cell phone after your workout so that you can keep track of how you’re increasing your pacing each time you workout.


  3. This is an interesting idea and I could probably see it used more at high tech athletic facilities on their indoor tracks, etc., rather than on outdoor tracks. I think it would add a fun element to running/biking. Although, I think your biggest competition would be those saying, “hey, what’s wrong with pacing with a good ol’ fashioned wrist watch?”


  4. I really like this idea and I could see it being very popular! I agree with Cameron in that there might be competition and resistance from people who would want to pace things the old fashioned way. Would this be a service that would cost money or would it be free and the town would pay for it? If this was a service that you could pay with a credit card, and if you decided to get your exercise summary texted to you, I could see potential security problems. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but what happens if someone hacks into the kiosque?

    Also with solar power, this limits its market due to solar powers inability to store energy. This product would only be able to be used during the day when the sun generates enough energy for PVs to generate electricity. Would your main market be the Southwestern US?


  5. Nicole & Cameron- I agree that competition may exist from people who simply want to pace themselves the old fashioned way, however I feel this invention would be most utilized by people who may not be as experienced in their fitness routines. Also, this pacing system would eliminate the need to constantly look down at a watch or wait until each lap is completed to determine if you are keeping up with your desired pace.


  6. Nicole- This would likely be a free service, so no need to worry about hackers stealing credit card information. As for the text messages, the kiosk wouldn’t store phone numbers, but would rather send out one single text at the moment a user requests the service on the kiosk itself. Also, I think there are solar panels that store energy. I have solar powered outdoor lights at my house that harness the sun’s energy during the day and light up each night. I think the technology for storing solar energy is still progressing, however. Check out this article!


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