60 second better world-weight slamming

Save some eardrums…put the weights down instead of slamming them.


Weight slamming in the gyms creates an environment that is incredibly repelling to newcomers and irritating to regulars. It is very inconsiderate and damages the weights and the floor of the gym. For about 90% of the exercises, dropping the weight is unnecessary as lowering the weights is a significant part of the exercise.  While some gyms have installed sound detectors that trigger alarms when loud noises are made, I propose making a change within our communities. This involves having staff and even regulars at take a stance against unnecessary noises. This would create a more pleasant environment to work out and encourage more people to be fit. Save some eardrums…put the weights back instead of dropping them


3 thoughts on “60 second better world-weight slamming”

  1. This shows how passionate you are about exercise. This seems like a great concept. I agree with Jordi that if this could collective become a norm, it would definitely be very effective.


  2. Gyms like Planet Fitness are trying to implement a very top-down approach to changing this behavior. However, for an environment that tends to be very informal and familiar to many people (same people working out, same spot to work out..) I think a bottom-up approach would be more effective.


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