Business Resource Proposal

The Live Nation 10K identifies the key financial statistics and goals of the business, as well as their current market position. Live Nation identifies itself as the leading live music producer in the world. “Globally, Live Nation owns, operates, has exclusive booking rights for, or has an equity interest in 148 venues.”

Live Nation also owns Ticketmaster, which is the world’s largest ticketing and marketing company. Ticketmaster is one of the largest eCommerce websites, and combined with Live Nation, provide a strong distribution channel for funding and promoting the concerts. Users will travel to Ticketmaster, the #1 place to buy tickets, and purchase tickets for concerts promoted and produced by LiveNation.

Live Nation considers their assets to be their fans, their artists, distribution networks, employees, and sponsors. These assets drive revenue for their businesses.

Through these listed assets we can see how a company like Live Nation drives revenue: 1. Revenue from concerts, as they own or lease each venue they produce a concert in. 2. Revenue from promoting the concert, as they chop off a percentage of the tickets they sell. 3. As a venue operator, they draw a profit from concessions. 4. As a festival operator, Live Nation books artists to attract fans. 5. Live Nation uses their ticketing site, Ticketmaster to get a cut from the tickets sold. Live Nation also draws revenue from managing the artists and working with sponsors at their event.

This resource taught me the basic business model of Live Nation and its company operations, in order to further analyze how these operations affect other companies in its industry, as well as the industry as a whole.

Live Nation Inc. 2013 10-K Report. Live Nation Inc., 31 Dec 2013. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.


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