RP – Business: Feed People, Not Landfills

The National Conference of State Legislatures published a study on “why reducing food waste matters.” It displays facts such as how each month a single person wastes up to 20 pounds of food and as an economy, we lose over 160 billion dollars each year to wasting food. Hunger is a national problem that affects people in every states. Not only does it hurt our wallets, but it’s also hurting our planet on the fact that “organic waste in landfills account for 16 percent of U.S. methane emissions” (Mendoza, 2013). The biggest problems are reducing waste in order to provide for those in need, as well as cut down on the billions of dollars lost each year and the amount of pollution produced from food waste alone in the U.S.

The NCSL highlights the importance of partnerships with other organizations to make sure that changes are taking effect across the nation. One of the first alliances they mention is the Food Waste Reduction Alliance which is comprised of corporate organizations whose goals are to “reduce food waste going to landfills and to increase food donations to the hungry.” This partnership is important because it involves major businesses that already have a large impact on our society. In terms of business needs, reducing food waste also creates more opportunities in the sense that they will be saving time and money by increasing efficiency and effectively lower costs. Other organizations, such as the National Restaurant Association took action by hosting education programs and encouraging chefs to participate in programs that provide hot meals for the hungry.

“Feeding people is not the only issue at hand, according to the U.S. environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Fourteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere come from steps in the food production lifecycle” (Mendoza, 2013). This resource adds to the topic of food waste by talking about it from a business perspective. It increases the need for change and adds more reason to why that change needs to happen sooner rather than later. This resource also adds to the list of organizations that are already helping to make a change, such as the Food Donation Connection that is “a bridge between food service companies and local hunger relief organizations.” It is important to highlight all the different aspects that go into making a change in our business world.

This research adds directly into the topic of food waste because it proves that this is an incredibly important and relevant issue in today’s world, especially in America. It seems as if society has been concerned with world hunger for decades, but only recently organizations and corporations are starting to take action and realize that it’s the actions that we take every day that can actually have the biggest impact. I also think it’s important to not only look at the social impacts of food waste, but to also consider the financial impacts that are brought on by not utilizing resources.

This resource comes directly from the National Conference of State Legislature so it is of very high quality and background information. It does not appear to be biased one way or another, rather it points out issues and divulges facts the come straight from other organizations records. It’s values appear to be in favor of our nation as a whole, which shows that it will not conflict with any topic.




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