RP Government: Bill H7033

Bill H7033 is a bill that was introduced in Rhode Island and that has been implemented in other states as well, but not all of them yet. The bill addresses the need to pass “a law that bans food and organic materials from the waste stream. and indirectly promotes composting and commercial food digesters.” It is aimed to address organizations such as food stores and restaurants so as to make an impact on a higher level.

The bill will work on a timeline to set goals on where we would like to see our countries waste statistics within the next 10 years. “Starting in 2015, any commercial or residential entity creating more than 52 tons of organic scrap a year would be required to have it processed at an organics recycling facility, such as a composting site or anaerobic digester.” This focuses on the environmental aspect of food waste rather than just the societal impact.

The idea behind passing this bill is to hold food-generating companies responsible for the waste that they produce each and every day. What is important about this is that it doesn’t focus on punishment for what food is wasted, but rather it gives incentive for businesses to want to make the choice to dispose of the food they aren’t going to use in a productive and conscious way. It also promotes the idea that businesses should first reduce their waste by making less food each day and setting up connections with local food banks as a way to redistribute some food without sending it to a composting site.

This resource adds to the topic of food waste in America because it addresses the problem state by state. It starts to build a connection between companies and the communities they’re in as well as make a lasting social impact on their local environment. The EPA reported that “food scrap is the largest type of municipal waste sent to landfills, and that only 3 percent of organic waste is composted.” This is an issue that affects each and every state and that needs to be tackled at the local level first before we start seeing any major national changes.

I support this bill because, even though it is just in Rhode Island, it is a fact that other states including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont have also passed similar bills. Those other states have also targets the larger commercial facilities because that is where the most impact can be made up front. I would also say that this information is very credible as it is a bill that has been passed by legislature, however the representative who sponsored the bill is a democrat. I do not think this will be a conflicting issue because I feel that this is a topic that all parties can agree must change and there won’t be two sides to any story. The only difference I can foresee is that Democrats will more likely focus on just the societal and environmental changes that need to be made, while Republicans will also bring up the importance of the fiscal changes that will also be positively affected.




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