RP: Millennials in the Workplace

Government Resource Proposal

After reading up on the millennial generation I found a common theme that they were less driven to find employment and not easily motivated. This is problematic because without motivation to work dependency on parents or family members will increase. In order to further research this I went to the US Chamber Foundation, which did a study about the millennials in the workplace.

Before coming across this resource I had the impression that millennials were less focused on demonstrating that they are diligent workers and more focused on getting tasks done as quickly as possible. This study stated “Millennials want an employer that offers a “democratized” nontenured workplace, where authority is earned in a collaborative, casual office. Ideas matter more than experience, and work output is valued more than the time put in.”

This quote from the US Chamber Foundation helped me gain more insight on millennial’s driving motivation in the workplace, which is getting tasks done rather than demonstrating to coworkers that they have put a lot of time into what they worked on.

This source is reliable because it comes from an organization and provides detailed statistical evidence of the findings of the study.


Pirie, Madsen, and Robert M. Worcester. The Millennial Generation. London: Adam Smith Institute, 1998. Web.

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