Society RP: Technology and Stress

Society Resource Proposal

There is an increase in reliance and obsession with technology seen in the millennial generation. For many individuals in this generation there has never been a point in their life that technology wasn’t present and as they mature it only becomes more prevalent. This is problematic because as advances in technology continue to be made it has the potential to dominate every aspect of people’s lives, leaving the importance of in person relationships on the back burner.

In recent research it has been seen that technology isn’t only decreasing people’s ability to have strong people skills, but is also resulting in higher levels of stress when in college.

NASPA Journal conducted a study that explored student’s use of technology and whether it influenced their level of stress. From this study it was seen that during times of high level stress they used technology to reach out to family and friends in order to have a support group.

The opportunity that technology offers (which in the study includes email, instant messengers, cell phones, and regular calls) is great for students to stay connected, but the study showed that it also had negative effects on them such as distraction leading to higher levels of stress about meeting deadlines for school work. The study suggests that students utilize leaders in their lives such as peer mentors or residence hall leaders at times when they need a support group. This helped me develop ideas about the importance of in person communication skills and becoming comfortable with your peers rather than hiding behind a computer or phone screen when looking for support during stressful times.

This information is very reliable because it provides statistical evidence of the findings of the survey and explains the methods, limitations, and conclusions of the study overall. Despite the origins of this resource I was also able to assess the value by reading through the many diagrams that the study provides depicting the results from the survey that was distributed to students.


Gemmill, Erin, and Michael Peterson. “Technology Use Among College Students:

Implications for Student Affairs Professionals.” NASPA Journal 43.2 (2006):

280-300.JSTOR.Web. 14 Dec. 2014.


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