Conscious Consumption and the Millennial Generation

Conscious Consumption Teaser:

A shocking 83% of millenials stated that they sleep with their Smartphone. Wait, is this actually that shocking? Advances in technology are continuing to be made every day allowing society to always be connected and “plugged in”. The Millennial generation is becoming victims of social traps that technology is creating as its prevalence in everyday life continues to become more inherent. Of course technology has and will continue to offer society many opportunities like communicating with others and learning, but is there a line when the use of it is excessive?

This paper will explore the alarming research that has recently been conducted that brings to light the negative affects that technology has on this generation. On a national scale there are opportunities for organizations to be created that could communicate to young adults the importance of being aware of how much you are connected and the importance of being able to effectively communicate with peers in person.

Conscious Consumption White Paper

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