Resource Proposals- Government

This source is the conclusions drawn from the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) in 2011. The FCIC focused on the causes of the Great Recession in 2008. Currently, most people pin the blame of the financial crisis on Wall Street, the investment banks, and their irresponsible tactics. The conclusions drawn by the FCIC further added to this popular belief. The FCIC concluded that there was a systemic breakdown in accountability and ethics. Additionally, there was an erosion of standards of responsibility and ethics that exacerbated the decline of Lehman Brothers and the onset of the financial crisis (FCIC 22).

The topic of my White Paper revolved around the deregulation leading up to the Great Recession in 2008, the financial crisis itself, and then the regulation that resulted from it. The FCIC report brings light to the irresponsible actions the investment banks were taking leading up to the Great Recession. The irresponsible actions were made possible through significant deregulations of the financial industry beginning with the Reagan Administration in the 1980s and running through the late 1990s. Therefore, the FCIC report strongly supports a significant portion of my report.

Lastly, the FCIC conclusions report serves as an extremely reliable source. Put into place by the government itself, the FCIC served as a neutral third party evaluator of the causes of the Great Recession.The FCIC may not have drawn light on many previously unknown causes, but it did strongly support the preconceived notions and ideas that had been put in place.

Conclusions of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, 2011.


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