Members of the class on the question Why do we have a class Blog?:

“We are blogging to further communicate the thoughts and feelings we have inside the classroom by applying them to current situations.”

“We blog about life and important issues to overcome the Bucknell Bubble”

“We write to set the foundation dialogue that will be the framework for the managerial decisions we will need to make”

“We’re writing to become a community of people who voice their opinions in order to learn, explore other views and ultimately get to the truth.”

“To share our ideas on the subject matter in an academic community that encourages interactions between the community members.”

“Given that there is often no distinct right or wrong answer to many problems in life, blogging provides  a way for each individual to express themselves and take in perspectives of others.”

“Its important to voice your opinions to the world because some people might like them.”

“To explore the many different thoughts, viewpoints, and perspectives of our class in regards to stakeholderism and organizational theory- and to promote discussion and debate among each other.”

“Converse to reach consensus or challenge on another’s thoughts and beliefs”

“So that we can share our own ideas and opinions to a large audience.”

“I think we blog to express one’s views about a subject in an open forum with the expectation of receiving feedback from others.”

“From an old Outing Club motto- ‘Don’t let your homework get in the way of your education,’ we blog to apply what we learn in the classroom to issues in real life to expand our educational experience.”

“Our blog is meant to host a collection of opinions and reflections in a focused topic.  This medium allows us to gather collective constructive criticism and feedback on a public forum.”

“To voice opinions in a less formal way can build more ideas to think about other things that you read on other people’s blogs that may have never occurred to you before.”

“We blog because writing forces us to expand and defend our ideas and ideals.”

“To express our views, opinion, and sense of self relating to the world in a nontraditional manner.  Blogging also involves more care, as it is inherent in the practice that many people will see and critique it.  Whereas other classes you write for just a professor, in blogging you write for peers, and the internet at large.”

“Sometimes authors demand listeners.  They want their audience to hear their thoughts, opinions and voice.  We blog to challenge their shouts, agree with their insights, and speak up for the undertones.”

“We blog because our class blog serves as a hub where 20 people can freely express their opinions to an audience of people from different backgrounds.”

“We’re blogging because it fosters each of our individual voices in a creative format where we’re not judged or graded; unlike we’re used to in the usual academic context.”


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