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I like eating churros.

Teaser: The Wrath of Photoshop

Ever turned flipped through a magazine and felt significantly less confident about your appearance? Or walked by the mall’s giant store displays, complete with chiseled abs, protruding hip bones and the oh-so-coveted thigh gap, just to realize you weren’t hungry for that warm and delicious Cinnabon you JUST bought? Continue reading Teaser: The Wrath of Photoshop

Resources Proposal

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) mission is for the betterment of the public health and to advance the interests of physicians and patients. As the largest and highest respected professional association of physicians, I decided to use AMA as my society resource as to the health sectors response to the health affects of misleading overly airbrushed advertisements have on the public.  Continue reading Resources Proposal

Rape Culture

We have the power to stop rape culture with one word. Respect.

You don’t have to go too far on a college campus to know someone who has been affected by sexual assault.  It’s a college campus epidemic, and somehow it’s becoming excusable. With minimal punishment for sexual assault crimes even here at Bucknell, we find justifications within the phrases, “They never said no”, “We were just so drunk, it didn’t mean anything”, “It will ruin their future”.

What if college campuses everywhere emphatically rejected the idea of sexual assault as being excusable?

What’s Victoria’s Secret?

Every December, she falls from heaven to graces us with her presence. She must be an Angel of some sort, but how did she transform from an androgynous, fully clothed, golden humanoid into a sexy, unabashed, barely clothed golden goddess? Her beautiful, bronzed and toned body prance atop the catwalk as you sit down your bag of peanut M&Ms. You know the next two hours will be a huge blow to your psyche, but it’s too late; you’re already hooked. Even in today’s fast-food, overindulging, carbohydrate-addicted world, she’s able to maintain a hot figure that has you sitting on your couch envious. As her unthinkably long legs, thin waist and surprisingly large breast strut down the runway, you stare in awe thinking, “why can’t I look like that?” She’s wearing nothing more than a bra, underwear, and plethora of self-confidence, there’s no way she could possibly have anything more to hide. What’s her secret? Continue reading What’s Victoria’s Secret?

How ’bout them apples?

The following fictional dialogue was inspired by real life events. This dialogue contains narrative roots connected firmly to the social epidemic every college student experiences as they scroll through their Facebook and Instagram feed during the Autumnal Equinox. Reader discretion advised. Continue reading How ’bout them apples?

How does Mom’s cooking sound?

I always hate being asked this question because it’s impossible to make a decisive decision. Academic Nicole would love to take my activist crush, Mahatma Ghandi, to an ahisma restaurant. Musician Nicole would take the late and great Amy Winehouse, in my opinion the best female jazz vocalist ever, to drinks at the Village Vanguard. And I know this may come off as conceited, but I think 20-year-old Nicole Nicole would wine and dine post-retirement Nicole.  Continue reading How does Mom’s cooking sound?

A World Without Love?

I can’t decide what’s more unsettling, the demand for snuggling or the actual occupation of a professional snuggler. After watching Vice’s short segment, The Japanese Love Industry, I realized how immediate all of the dystopian novels I read in AP Literature junior year of high school are. Sure, I disagree with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to some extent, but maybe societies are evolving to a future where “self-esteem” is valued before “love and belonging”.  Or maybe the Millennials hierarchy of needs does not even include “love”. Continue reading A World Without Love?

Hookup or Happily Ever After?

She receives an all too familiar text Friday night reading, “Hey. What are you up to later?” She reads it and ignores it for thirty minutes to come off aloof to him, the guy she’s been hooking up with for four months. All of her weekend “non-dates” have had the elegance and charmlessness of a keg stand…but hey, at least she doesn’t have to deal with the emotional entanglement of a relationship being a twenty-six year old young professional in pursuit of becoming successful in a high paying career. Continue reading Hookup or Happily Ever After?

Blog Council #4 Results Are In… and yes, you probably ARE slacking off

And with the exception for a few people, no one followed the blog prompt! Overall, we felt the class did a good job analyzing what made a given company a good/bad/ethical/not ethical employer, but not everyone linked this analysis with stakeholder relationships. No worries, Cate and I were to blame too. Just make sure to read blog prompts carefully from now on! Continue reading Blog Council #4 Results Are In… and yes, you probably ARE slacking off