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How to Afford the Biggest Investment of Your Life

A look into the current student debt situation and a proposal for how students could be more educated in the future.

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And You Get a Loan! And YOU Get a Loan! Everybody Gets a Loan!

Back when I was applying for college and trying to decide where to go, College Board was a website that I was glued to. I remember looking at it attempting to calculate where I could possibly afford to attend and to what extent of slavery my student debt would put me in upon graduation. Continue reading And You Get a Loan! And YOU Get a Loan! Everybody Gets a Loan!

Social Issues of Higher Education Costs

As a senior in college, I can speak first hand regarding the increasing costs of a college education. This is an issue that has come to affect many high school seniors in our country in the decision of whether or not to continue their education and, if they decide to, where they should attend. Specific demographics are exposed to this decision even more than others. Recently, Starbucks launched a College Achievement Plan (CAP) which provides free online tuition from Arizona State University to employees. This plan made me want to examine further what changes could be made in order to bring down the costs of higher education for students and what corporate America could possibly do to assist this.

In order to examine this topic, I need to know what the current state of education is within the United States. Who is attending? Are students attending private or public institutions? What are the differences those who graduate from college face versus those that do not attend? By answering these questions, I will be able to examine the social situations that result from these different life choices. Thankfully, in Laura Perna’s Studying College Access and Choice: A Proposed Conceptual Model, these topics are addressed. Most importantly she addresses what students are most likely to attend college, what influences their decisions to do so, and the benefits of attending. Through her writings I will be able to gain an opinion of just want college graduates have to gain aside from their mounting student loans. Furthermore, these writings will allow me to examine exactly why companies offering free tuition is worthwhile, both for the students, the company, and society as a whole.

In regards to reliability, this source uses a wide variety of sources as well, ranging from government policies to economics to education. I will be verifying any possible existing biases through additional research.




Perna, Laura W. “STUDYING COLLEGE ACCESS AND CHOICE: A PROPOSED CONCEPTUAL MODEL.” Ed. John C. Smart. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research. Vol. 21. Dordrecht: Springer, 2006. 99-157. Print.



Today it is difficult to fathom graduating from college without student debt. It seems like a long lost dream that only our parents were able to achieve by working throughout their college career for an education that cost a tenth of what it does today. Continue reading WANTED: FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION

Your Salaries Are in a Glass Case Of Emotion

When Yvon and Mackey sit down for their cup of coffee at the Yeti’s Grind in Vail, Colorado, they are always both somewhat excited and somewhat dreading of the conversation. Midway through their cup of coffee, the conversation sounds something like this… Continue reading Your Salaries Are in a Glass Case Of Emotion

Let’s Surf and Get Dinner

Presidents, activists, famous artists and religious figures dance through my head. Then, I reflect on the book I just finished: Let My People Go Surfing- The Education of a Reluctant Businessman by Yvon Chouinard, the founder and owner of Patagonia. The book reflects on Chouinard’s experiences in business and how he came to form Patagonia and its strategy. Continue reading Let’s Surf and Get Dinner