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Making Football a Safer Game

This past weekend, an Ohio State football player name Kosta Karageorge committed suicide. Before killing himself, Karageorge sent a text to his mom apologizing if he had been an embarrassment, because of concussions that he he sustained. Karageorge is not the only football player to take his life with signs pointing to brain injuries suffered while playing football as the cause. Hopefully this invention would prevent future tragedies like this from happening and making football a safer game. Continue reading Making Football a Safer Game

Mandatory Expatriates

My idea to change the world? Make it smaller (figuratively, of course)

My video backdrop is from the viral hit “Where the Hell is Matt?” in which now-internet celebrity Matt Harding filmed himself dancing in various locations throughout the world.

Here is the video I used-

But he has a bunch more that all have hundreds of millions of views.


Rape Culture

We have the power to stop rape culture with one word. Respect.

You don’t have to go too far on a college campus to know someone who has been affected by sexual assault.  It’s a college campus epidemic, and somehow it’s becoming excusable. With minimal punishment for sexual assault crimes even here at Bucknell, we find justifications within the phrases, “They never said no”, “We were just so drunk, it didn’t mean anything”, “It will ruin their future”.

What if college campuses everywhere emphatically rejected the idea of sexual assault as being excusable?

Service Required

My idea is for military service to be required for all citizens of every country.  By having such required military service, citizens of every nation would have more of a stake in the decisions of their sovereignty.  Moreover, if everyone was required to serve in the military for their country, I think it would promote world peace as most people do not want to go to war. Continue reading Service Required