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Last Blog Council: Wrap-Up!

Before we wrap-up the semester with the last Blog Council report we have our weekly award winners from Blog 11:

  • Bucknell Bubble Award: Kendall
  • Globalization Award: Jack
  • Professor’s Award for Alcohol Reform: Christian
  • Professor’s Award for Production Value: Santi
  • Blog Council Choice: Cate
  • Reader’s Choice: Nicole

Since we don’t have a prompt for next week, we wanted to conclude the semester with some stats/recognition for the best posts and bloggers for the semester.

Top Posts of the Semester:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.16.44 PM

Top Bloggers of the Semester:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.18.07 PM

The Global Reach of our blog:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.11.11 PM

And our favorite terms that people searched to end up on our blog:

  • Ugly food at whole foods
  • Are women being fooled into thinking they don’t need a man
  • Photo of Michael Jordan Gatorade slam dunk from free throw line on sale
  • John Mayer ice bucket challenge
  • Jerry Seinfeld is not nice
  • Affection and getting old and ugly
  • Good booty call

& That’ll do it for the semester. Great work everyone!

-Christian & Santi

BC Report on “What’s In Your Name?”

Professor Comas and I had a scintillating conversation about the posts from this week. It was interesting to learn about the origin of everyone’s names–as a result I feel closer to all my peers, as we have all shared a piece of our personal history. Continue reading BC Report on “What’s In Your Name?”

BC report from images…

Recap from this week:

We were very excited to look through the wide variety of pictures uploaded. Some of them made us happy, some of them made us realize that somewhere in the world despicable acts are still happening while some of them made us think hard and long about what they mean. Continue reading BC report from images…


Some posts still do not have the “read more” tab. Please be sure to add these to your posts so our news feeds are more condensed and show more previews of posts. Great job on the blog this week! We loved how many people gave a great background prior to writing their dialogue. We found that most individuals blog was based on a personal interest. We thought that was a nice touch!! We believe everyone in the class showed their creative side through their dialogue. We look forward to seeing this creativity in the upcoming blog.


Great Three-Sided Conflict Continue reading BLOG COUNCIL 8: DIALOGUES

Blog Council Response on Relationships

Overall, we really enjoyed our time as the Blog Council this week. The posts prompted lots of comments and interesting discussion. Moving forward, don’t forget to go back and read the first couple of posts, as they have been receiving significantly less comments the past few weeks. This week several blogs received comments and likes from outside readers, which is a great sign. Another positive from this week is that the comments were more of a flowing conversation. As a result, multiple blogs had over 10 comments, something that we did not see at the start of the semester. Continue reading Blog Council Response on Relationships

Blog Council 5 Remarks

The blog council thought that overall the posts from a week ago had great visuals and used the quiz effectively to introduce your topics. The views and ratings went up which could mean that you are choosing great tags and topics. Some of the blog posts seemed to lack a cohesive topic at times, so that could be something to work on for Week 7. Continue reading Blog Council 5 Remarks

Blog Council #4 Results Are In… and yes, you probably ARE slacking off

And with the exception for a few people, no one followed the blog prompt! Overall, we felt the class did a good job analyzing what made a given company a good/bad/ethical/not ethical employer, but not everyone linked this analysis with stakeholder relationships. No worries, Cate and I were to blame too. Just make sure to read blog prompts carefully from now on! Continue reading Blog Council #4 Results Are In… and yes, you probably ARE slacking off