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I am named for a dragonslayer.  Which is pretty cool.

Sant Jordi in the Plaça de Tarongers in the Generalitat- the gvernor´s mansion for Catalunya.  This is only open to the public one day a year... April 23rd.
Sant Jordi in the Plaça de Tarongers in the Generalitat- the gvernor´s mansion for Catalunya. This is only open to the public one day a year… April 23rd.

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Liz not Lizzy

My name is Elizabeth Anne Semeraro.

But I prefer Liz.  Up until high school, I was Lizzy (with a Y- not like Lizzie Macguire, although that’s what my elementary school bus driver used to call me).  My best friends growing up had no trouble making the switch to Liz, but their parents, on the other hand, still call me Lizzy.   Continue reading Liz not Lizzy

Say my name, say my name

The decision was easily for Tom and Paula Brown to name their first child. Going back to my great grandfather on my dad’s side, every first born son has been named Thomas. Their was the original Thomas Brown, followed by my grandfather Thomas Clifford Brown, my dad Thomas Michael Brown, and then finally me, Thomas James Brown. Continue reading Say my name, say my name

Matthew the math whiz

My mother told me that she knew I would be a math whiz, so she thought that Matthew, the tax collector, would be a fitting apostle to name me after. My middle name, Peter, also stemmed from similar religious beginnings. Some other names that were considered for me include Caroline, Erin, Erica, Anna, or Daniel. All of which, in my opinion are pretty average. Maybe my parents thought I was going to be an average guy? My surname, Terry, is English or Irish (according to Google) but my father has Russian and Polish heritage…so.. What does this say about me? Well, not much. I have come to realize that my name and ethnicity is not something that defines me too much as a person. Continue reading Matthew the math whiz

Vladimir Dionisie Stroe

Hiello (thick Russian accent) Mr. Bond….I have been expecting you….

That being said, I’m not from Russia. And I also thought that there was no possibility that I had any sort of Russian ancestry…until I inquired into the origins of my name…

Uncertain Ancestry…Greek Gods…Infamous folks…all themes that popped up during my research.

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Which Emily?

How many Emily’s do you have in your class? Probably upwards of 3 or 4. How many Emily’s are in your phone? Maybe 6. In every class I’ve ever taken, I’ve never been the only Emily. That’s why I’ve always been called Emily D. or in recent years Daf, just avoiding the whole common first name dilemma and sticking right to the unusual last name. So let’s start from the beginning… Continue reading Which Emily?

Its a girl!?

My first name, Morgan, is of English heritage and means “born by the sea.” My parents did not have this name in mind when I was first born and were originally going to name me Meaghan (pronounced MEEG-ən) , but the nurse objected to this (because she had so much say?) and told my parents that everyone would end up calling me Megan. Continue reading Its a girl!?

Cathleen Marie Sullivan

My original birth certificate had Rosemary Marie Sullivan on it. Thank God my mom had the hospital change it to Cathleen as soon as she saw the name write out on my birth certificate. She knew I was I not a “Rosie” (which I could NEVER imagine myself as being named). She changed my name without telling my dad, which I find pretty funny. Continue reading Cathleen Marie Sullivan