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Dinner with This Old Cub

This is a tough one, maybe the most difficult blog post of the year so far. There are so many people that come to mind when I read this question. Should I go the sports route and pick Michael Jordan, Mike Ditka, Patrick Kane, or Derrick Rose. Maybe I’d rather meet a musician like Elvis or John Lennon. Would I really be capable of turning down dinner with “A Song of Ice and Fire” author George RR Martin. I then thought, would I be making the worst decision of my life if I decided against going to dinner with Emma Watson? Even though I imagine that dinner with Emma be the start of a long and happy relationship, there’s still somebody I’d rather have dinner with. His name is Ron Santo. Continue reading Dinner with This Old Cub

How does Mom’s cooking sound?

I always hate being asked this question because it’s impossible to make a decisive decision. Academic Nicole would love to take my activist crush, Mahatma Ghandi, to an ahisma restaurant. Musician Nicole would take the late and great Amy Winehouse, in my opinion the best female jazz vocalist ever, to drinks at the Village Vanguard. And I know this may come off as conceited, but I think 20-year-old Nicole Nicole would wine and dine post-retirement Nicole.  Continue reading How does Mom’s cooking sound?

Dinner with the King of Soul

If I could have dinner with one person living or dead, my answer for years has been the late, great Sam Cooke.  Nicknamed the King of Soul, Sam was an American singer-songwriter and recording artist who is generally considered to be one of the greatest of all time.  He is known for being a pioneer in the field of soul, credited with giving rise to musicians like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Marvin Gaye to name a few.  In addition to this, he is also my all-time favorite musician across all genres.  While I would love to talk to Sam about his music, there is another side of him which I would use this dinner to learn about.  Sam Cooke was one of the first musicians to take an active role in the Civil Rights movement. Continue reading Dinner with the King of Soul

A Pearl of Success

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be with Carla Harris. Carla Harris is the Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She is responsible for increasing client connectivity and penetration to enhance revenue generation across the firm. She has worked on Wall Street for almost three decades. She is a leader, motivational speaker, author, and a gospel singer. I am intrigued by her many accomplishments both personally and professionally. Continue reading A Pearl of Success

Riess the Beast

To be honest, I have no idea who I would actually choose if I could have dinner with one person in history. Since I can’t decide, I wanted to pick someone who I thought 1. Would honestly be a good time to spend time with, and 2. Wasn’t overly cliche like I expect most answers to this question usually are; so I decided to go with Ryan Riess the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion.

Continue reading Riess the Beast

The woman behind Gone Girl

By now you’ve read, seen, or at least heard about the hit movie and best-selling book Gone Girl. In short, it’s a mind twisting story about a seemingly happy couple who begin to fall apart until the beautiful wife, Amy, disappears on their 5th wedding anniversary. The novel takes unimaginable turns and leaves the reader wanting more and more, myself included. I would even go so far as to say author Gillian Flynn is the one person I can think of right now that I would want to have dinner with.  Continue reading The woman behind Gone Girl

So Much to Learn About the Great F. Scott Fitzgerald

What do you think it would be like to leave your mark on the world in a way that even far after you are gone your literary works are so respected and well-known by many people? What would it be like to contribute something so timeless to the world? After reading those two questions you must think I know everything there is to know about F. Scott Fitzgerald….BUT I have only read one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works, The Great Gatsby and despite my love and many viewings of the latest movie edition of The Great Gatsby, I don’t think that quite qualifies as a second. Continue reading So Much to Learn About the Great F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sushi served on an Ipad-a Dinner with Steve Jobs

The ultimate entrepreneur of our times-the man and the legend. Steve Jobs’ wisdom and business acumen is certainly something that perhaps anyone in tech and beyond wishes to posses. Knowing what made Steve Jobs tick may or may not (probably not) turn me into a tech mogul overnight. However, as a MIDE major, getting a glimpse into the genius of Jobs would be priceless. During a dinner, the three broad questions that I’d ask him are: “Tell me about your youth…your school years, and India.”What are the small day-to-day things that make you successful”” and “how do you inspire and manage?”

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A Lifetime’s Worth of Questions: Dinner with Maya Angelou

I read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” when I was sixteen- a junior in high school- and read about Maya Angelou’s life up to the same age.  Our world’s were so dramatically different from one another but I was still able to empathize in many ways with 16 year old Maya Angelou.  The experience of reading this book left me a awe of her accomplishments and so full of respect of the richness and beauty of her words. Continue reading A Lifetime’s Worth of Questions: Dinner with Maya Angelou