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“I am not allowed to say.” or “You probably don’t care.”?

Ignorance is bliss, that’s what they say. After taking two years worth of courses dedicated to my Managing for Sustainability degree, I’ll be the first to tell you my academia “enlightenment” has me constantly overwhelmed with paranoia and guilt. Seriously. Continue reading “I am not allowed to say.” or “You probably don’t care.”?

2014 or 1984?

As someone who just recently read George Orwell’s 1984, this blog prompt really struck home for me. Living in a society where we have absolutely no choice in how we lead our lives seems unrealistic and far-fetched, which is exactly what the 1984 Apple Macintosh ad is trying to portray. It’s as if the woman running to destroy the giant teleprompter is society’s freedom from the controlling power of “Big Brother”, just as Apple hopes their new computer technology will give people to change from the norm and lead individual lives. But is it so unbelievable in this day and age that there are still people who live in a world where their voice is not heard, and their decisions are made for them? This is the point that Mike Daisey dissects in his talk about Apple factories in China and how disturbing the reality is behind our beloved tech-toys. Continue reading 2014 or 1984?