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Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

I actually got to meet Jason DeRulo after the concert last week– we talked ethics for a hot sec.

Do you think your goal as an artist is to be the most profitable tour or to express yourself and bring the most joy to your fans? Continue reading Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

John Mayer

Wow, a very open ended blog post! I love it. I like how this blog is evolving in terms of content and style.

I would have dinner with John Mayer. If you know me at all, this is extremely believable. Despite the flak I may receive from my peers, I stand by my statement. But why John Mayer? Continue reading John Mayer

The New Kids on the Block

Does your child watch too much TV? Is your child lazy and unmotivated? Does your child spend more than 5 hours a day in front of a computer screen? I feel like these are negative questions that are based on our technology loving generation, but who’s fault is it? An article from whattoexpect.com suggests that it’s the parents who instill these bad habits in their children from a very young age. We are brought up watching TV and playing with our smart phones, but it’s because our parents allow it.  Continue reading The New Kids on the Block

The Millennials: The Good, some Bad, and hopefully not any Ugly

Before I took the quiz, I thought to myself that I probably wouldn’t score very high. I have social media accounts, but aren’t that active in them and use them mostly for news about what’s going on. Also, I don’t feel like I’m as absorbed by my phone as many of my peers. Despite these feelings, I received a score of 93. Not only was I surprised by my results, but I also wasn’t sure how to feel about them. When it comes to the term “millennial,” I feel like there is more of a negative connotation to it. I decided to do a little research into the topic to see what credible sources had to say about us millennials. Continue reading The Millennials: The Good, some Bad, and hopefully not any Ugly

Are you the change we need in the world?

Most millennial was raised in households with parents that were born in the Baby Boomer arena. Baby boomers were known as a questioning generation; as a result, they raised their children to do the same thing: make inquiries. Individuals in leadership roles are mostly baby boomers so it is interesting to see the disconnect that lies between the employee-employer relationships when these two generations should be  speaking the same language or do they?

Realizing the majority of my peers are millennial, I found the survey and topic beneficial. This topic raises the question on how we can learn to better interact with each other. I am not a product of the millennial generation but I was born a Generation X child. Born in the late 70’s, where we still used pay phones and 8-tracks and played outside until the street lights came on. A generation of making up games to play and not using technology. A generation where computers was only found in businesses, cell phones was in a carry case (that looked like a briefcase) and Atari was the only gaming system around.  I see the differences in how we view life and the avenues we take to approach it. The variances in how we approach and analysis situations also result in the outcomes being different.

Between millennia’s and their parents, generation X faced several issues that I believe changed the perspectives of our group. Some of these issues consisted of shifts with financial, legal, medical, and family matters that shaped our views of what the “world” should look like.  Since my generation felt they didn’t have a voice; they fought  to have a say at the table.

Some valuable characteristics of individuals that are Generation Xers includes adaptability, balance between work and life, and autonomy. My attitude is on the fence with generational conversations because my views are quite similar to the millennial. Having a child the same age as my peers forces me to understand them even more but also causes me to be more adaptive to their way of thinking.

As we move forward in the business world, I believe generation Y(millennial) have to face more challenges in the world than the previous generations.  Because of this occurrence, it will force them to change the dynamics of management due to their different views of the concepts of authority.



Hey! Relevant Advice for Millennials

I was astonished to receive a 97/100 on my “Are you a millennial” quiz. I realized being a millennial is not only a mindset, but a culmination of experiences, actions, and self-expressive techniques. For example, one of the questions was “do you have a tattoo”. That question, to me, is more about a counter-culturalist and expressive state rather than a generation definer. Continue reading Hey! Relevant Advice for Millennials

Millennials on the Rise

I sat at my dining room table after dinner last night while my aunts and uncles of the Baby Boomer and Generation X generations got in an intense conversation regarding what their generations were leaving behind for my cousins, my siblings, and myself- the Millennials. I sat there quietly listening to them, thinking how utterly convenient the timing of this conversation was, considering the topic of this week’s blog post. Continue reading Millennials on the Rise

Blog 5- Generation We? Millennials?

The BC decided to go with an idea that has been on my mind.

gen divide
Courtesy of Time, Inc. Link.

What defines your generation?  Does it even make sense to discuss generations?  Or is it a category that obscures as much as it reveals? Continue reading Blog 5- Generation We? Millennials?