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Dinner with the Great

If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I would eat with Alexander the Great. During his lifetime Alexander the Great accomplished things that we are still struggling with today. Many see him as an imperialist who simply conquered Greek and Persian city-states. This in and of itself is amazing when you consider the immense attention to detail that is required when conquering countries with armies 20 times the size of your own across thousands of miles. However, what may be even more amazing is how he was able to unite cultures under his control. Marriage had a purpose for kings in this time period in that it helped the kings understand the culture that they had seized control over, and figure out how to merge two cultures that had previously been enemies. Continue reading Dinner with the Great

Don’t Bite the Apple: A fictional piece

I noticed striking similarities between the events that were portrayed in the Bucknell Forum version of “The Agony and Exctasy of Steve Jobs” and the plot of George Orwell’s “1984”. In the beginning of the show, Apple’s famous 1984 commercial is shown with the catchphrase “…you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”.” Did Apple uphold that promise? The people marching in the background of the ad in aligned, controlled unison seemed strangely similar to the FOXCONN employees’ strict working conditions. As the play within the play continued on I began imagining a story within a story; that is, the reality of technology firms today within the confines of the story that far too often conceals the truth. The comparisons and generalizations I am going to make may not be entirely true, but it is not my goal to declare any truths, but rather to arouse questions (much like the ending of the Bucknell Forums’ play) or “Think Different”. Continue reading Don’t Bite the Apple: A fictional piece