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Its a girl!?

My first name, Morgan, is of English heritage and means “born by the sea.” My parents did not have this name in mind when I was first born and were originally going to name me Meaghan (pronounced MEEG-ən) , but the nurse objected to this (because she had so much say?) and told my parents that everyone would end up calling me Megan. Continue reading Its a girl!?

Zachary Taylor Fisher

No, I was not named for the unforgettable 12th President of the United States Zachary Taylor. I’ve never really considered the origins of my name before, so this assignment allowed me to do some digging to learn more about it. My parents had decided that if I was a boy, my name would be Zack, and if I was a girl my name would be Caroline. My dad wanted to name me Bruce after Bruce Springsteen, but my mom shot that one down pretty quick. Continue reading Zachary Taylor Fisher

Kendall. Elizabeth. Danforth

During the final weeks of my senior year of high school, I did lots of research into the history of my name. I intended on making a book that traced through each generation of my Grandad’s father figures. What I found was super interesting…Nicholas Danforth immigrated to America from Framingham, England. Continue reading Kendall. Elizabeth. Danforth

Your Salaries Are in a Glass Case Of Emotion

When Yvon and Mackey sit down for their cup of coffee at the Yeti’s Grind in Vail, Colorado, they are always both somewhat excited and somewhat dreading of the conversation. Midway through their cup of coffee, the conversation sounds something like this… Continue reading Your Salaries Are in a Glass Case Of Emotion

The American Dream

american-dreamWhat is the American dream? The white picket fence, nice house, two splendid children (a boy and a girl), and a wonderfully domestic wife to come home to. This is the ideal image that people have strived after for decades, but does it still apply to U.S. society today? Continue reading The American Dream