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I am Profoundly Disturbed…

I would hope that the attitudes towards marriage and dating in Japan are not a sign of the future. Japanese culture is very unique, and throughout the video, it seemed like people valued other recreational aspects of their life over a lover because of the  changing attitudes, media, and political culture in Japan.

I found it really interesting that Japanese culture values and accepts artificial reality. The narrator noted that all emotional and sexual phenomena of dating and relationships are replaced by commercial services and products. As an American who has experienced and grew up on traditional relationship values, the Japanese mindset and experiences may seem odd. T

he Japanese value convenience in physical and emotional relationships. This adherence to convenience seems to trump other aspects of life that Americans may value, such as the quest for a soulmate.

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Ryan Duffy, the narrator, exclaims over and over again that he is profoundly disturbed by his experiences. He has every right to be. The commercialization of relationships in Japan contradicts everything Ryan has experienced in his life. This clip is mindbending– it shows the potential of rising social norms and social attitudes on innate  and seemingly rigid concepts like dating. drinking snapping turtle blood seems ridiculous too, but if you grew up in Japan, would it really be that surprising? You have to consider the power of culture before you judge an establishment or action.

This video reminded me of a Donald Glover standup bit, where he discusses dating with different races and cultures, and how they affect our outward demeanors:

And yes, the dominatrix did take a shit and eat it, but it is also important to distinguish between fetishes and socially acceptable mindsets. We will leave it at that.

But how big of an affect does culture really have on dating and relationships?

We can all go in-depth about Bucknell’s hookup culture and how it expedites and twists real relationships. I am always a proponent of doing what you think is the appropriate, or “right” thing. I personally find it interesting to learn all the intricacies of how different subcultures view relationships.
Equally important is to be aware of your surroundings and how they affect other’s perceptions of your actions. For instance, there are unique different taboos and dating rules at Bucknell, which may differ from a school like BYU– I would assume a late night drunk text is more frowned upon at BYU.
Do I think relationships have changed because of the technological age? Yes, but at the core, all relationships are driven by motives such as love and emotion, physical desire. Social norms are responsible for how we act towards each other, and in the case of Japan, if convenience is most important to people, then relationships and dating will be based and judged on their level of convenience.