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Service Required

My idea is for military service to be required for all citizens of every country.  By having such required military service, citizens of every nation would have more of a stake in the decisions of their sovereignty.  Moreover, if everyone was required to serve in the military for their country, I think it would promote world peace as most people do not want to go to war. Continue reading Service Required

Buckle that Seatbelt and Drop your Phone

I am one to testify, thinking, “those things don’t happen to those around me…it’s something you hear about on the news.” Well, it has a whole different meaning once it happens to your  family. Whether you’re just driving around the block, or just sending a text saying “sure,” IT’S. NOT. WORTH. IT. AND YOU CAN DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS.

My 28 year old cousin was in a self-inflicted car accident this past summer and is going to be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. Absolutely no other body movement other than being able to talk. Bed ridden for the rest of his life, and only able to receive sustenance through a feeding tube. He was not wearing his seat belt. He has a 10 month old baby that he will never be able to hold or play with as she grows up. While we are incredibly thankful that he survived, our family has been changed forever. If John’s SUV had a system that prevented him from pulling out of the parking lot at work without his seatbelt on that evening, perhaps he would be at the Redskins game this afternoon holding his daughter, rather than watching it on a hospital T.V. Unfortunately, it takes devastation and heartbreak to get people to put their seatbelt on or to put down their phones while driving.


Video Transcript:  Continue reading Buckle that Seatbelt and Drop your Phone

Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

I actually got to meet Jason DeRulo after the concert last week– we talked ethics for a hot sec.

Do you think your goal as an artist is to be the most profitable tour or to express yourself and bring the most joy to your fans? Continue reading Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

How does Mom’s cooking sound?

I always hate being asked this question because it’s impossible to make a decisive decision. Academic Nicole would love to take my activist crush, Mahatma Ghandi, to an ahisma restaurant. Musician Nicole would take the late and great Amy Winehouse, in my opinion the best female jazz vocalist ever, to drinks at the Village Vanguard. And I know this may come off as conceited, but I think 20-year-old Nicole Nicole would wine and dine post-retirement Nicole.  Continue reading How does Mom’s cooking sound?

Too Busy for Meaningful Relationships

The first time I saw this video, it seemed clear to me that the reason behind the decrease in meaningful relationships in Japan was the changing gender roles. I had the impression that the current bi-gender system that has been around for thousands of years had a purpose. For a long time I believed that the expression “opposites attract” also has a societal significance: that the social constructs of male-ness and female-ness were beneficial for society. In other words, two parents responsible for opposite roles in a family were a necessary part of a healthy family structure. While this may or may not be true, I believe I have come to find a deeper understanding of the economic/social drivers for changing gender roles, and it all revolves around one thing: We are becoming too busy for meaningful relationships.  Continue reading Too Busy for Meaningful Relationships