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White Paper: Improving Lives and Indonesia’s Economy

Written from the perspective of an Indonesian NGO addressing its own government, the white paper seeks to balance the benefits and drawbacks of globalization in order to improve the lives of workers in sweatshops while also keeping Indonesia’s economy prosperous.

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Please Supply Responsibly

How are working conditions in Foxconn now? I wanted to find recent reports or articles written on the current state of working conditions in Apple supplier factories, and came across this article.  Continue reading Please Supply Responsibly

How we’re building the middle class in China

Image copyright: Ryan Pyle for The New York Times

Are we, the U.S. consumers, monsters for heartlessly exploiting workers in developing countries to feed our endless greed for electronics? Or are we recipients of the wonder of globalization, which is also slowly making China a better place? While I’ve touched on this issue on other blog posts, Professor Zhu’s contribution in “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” made look deeper into this issue.

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