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Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

I actually got to meet Jason DeRulo after the concert last week– we talked ethics for a hot sec.

Do you think your goal as an artist is to be the most profitable tour or to express yourself and bring the most joy to your fans? Continue reading Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

John Mayer

Wow, a very open ended blog post! I love it. I like how this blog is evolving in terms of content and style.

I would have dinner with John Mayer. If you know me at all, this is extremely believable. Despite the flak I may receive from my peers, I stand by my statement. But why John Mayer? Continue reading John Mayer

Money apparently CAN buy you happiness

The Vice Guide to the Japanese love industry revealed Japan as a country where both time using electronics and time spent furthering one’s career has begun to trump time spent on human relationships, and where people are willing to commoditize absolutely anything. The combination of these two traits leads to a culture where it is plausible to have a thriving industry of recreational love and affection.  Do I think these types of relationships are better than relationships of the past? Personally, no, but at the same time how can one deny the influences mass consumers.

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Blog 6- Are Relationships and Interactions Changing?

The BC noticed that many of the previous blog posts revolved around questions relating to social norms and the cultural changes that are affecting the world today.
This reminded Matt of a video, “The Japanese Love Industry” he had seen on the news magazine, Vice, which tries to be an edgy journalistic enterprise across many platforms and which challenges staid news conventions.   Some of the posts from week 5 indicated a general concern that normal relationships, be they collegial, familial, friendship, or romantic, are withering.  Is Japan offering us a glimpse of a possible future America?  Please watch it.
WARNING: at minute 12, as the reporter meets with an organized-crime-sponsored sex worker, the content is graphic and about fetishes.  You can stop there.  Jordi was unsure whether to use the video for this reason, but its overall point is interesting about how a declining birth rate is perhaps linked to the commodification of interaction and intimacy.

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