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Swimming Downstream: The Ethics of Spotify


Recently, I was jamming heavily to some Maroon 5 in my room with my friends using the online streaming program Spotify. The mood was awesome—great times, even better people, awesome music, and wonderful conversation. But then the music stopped. We all heard the jingle we hate the most: “O, O, O, O-Reilly…Auto Parts!” The room went silent. I awkwardly remarked: “That killed the mood.” I then considered, as I do almost daily, whether I wanted to sign up for a $5 a month student subscription to Spotify. Or maybe I could just buy my songs on iTunes and support the artist? Or, would I go against everything I stood for as an aspiring musician and businessman and go back to illegally torrenting my songs? Artists are rich anyway—do they really need my money when most of their revenues are made on touring? In this essay, I will argue that Spotify, the semi-free streaming application, is an ethical company that reaps benefits for all major players in the music industry. I will use a utilitarian analysis to demonstrate Spotify’s ideal appropriation of benefits and reduction of suffering against other forms of music consumption, and as it pertains to the future of the music business.

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Dinner with the King of Soul

If I could have dinner with one person living or dead, my answer for years has been the late, great Sam Cooke.  Nicknamed the King of Soul, Sam was an American singer-songwriter and recording artist who is generally considered to be one of the greatest of all time.  He is known for being a pioneer in the field of soul, credited with giving rise to musicians like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Marvin Gaye to name a few.  In addition to this, he is also my all-time favorite musician across all genres.  While I would love to talk to Sam about his music, there is another side of him which I would use this dinner to learn about.  Sam Cooke was one of the first musicians to take an active role in the Civil Rights movement. Continue reading Dinner with the King of Soul

John Mayer

Wow, a very open ended blog post! I love it. I like how this blog is evolving in terms of content and style.

I would have dinner with John Mayer. If you know me at all, this is extremely believable. Despite the flak I may receive from my peers, I stand by my statement. But why John Mayer? Continue reading John Mayer