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Some posts still do not have the “read more” tab. Please be sure to add these to your posts so our news feeds are more condensed and show more previews of posts. Great job on the blog this week! We loved how many people gave a great background prior to writing their dialogue. We found that most individuals blog was based on a personal interest. We thought that was a nice touch!! We believe everyone in the class showed their creative side through their dialogue. We look forward to seeing this creativity in the upcoming blog.


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Blog 1

The themes found on the past blogs consisted of a variety of topics that we face in society that touches on elements of business, government, and ethics. As I looked through the passages, I enjoyed the relevant art work that was associated with each topic and the thoughtfulness of each text. In my opinion, the blog “Read This and Hack” had the best design layout because it looked similar to a newspaper layout; therefore, it allowed me to get a better glimpse of all the subjects that was written which allowed me to see what material I want to look at first. Personally, I never blogged before and never saw any benefits in it. Going through the blogs permitted me to see different subjects from the perspectives of my peers in a way that intrigued me to research topics that I haven’t seen before. As I looked at the blogs, I saw the personal benefits of blogging and the ways that it can enhance a business and/or networking opportunities.  


Goodies from past years’ blogs

After reading the past years’ blogs, what I very much appreciated was that important ethical and societal concerns were explored throughout pop-culture, such as here. Even though we tend to “phase out” messages sent out by pop culture since it is so ubiquitous, it actually tells so many things about our values. Another great example can be found, here, but one thing that weakened the argument was the presence of the writer’s experiences, which, while to an extent can add value, eventually detracted from the subject.Oh, and the hypothetical twitter conversations were hilarious.