Wall of Fame

Blog Council Best Post Choices

Week 3 (Digging Deeper)

This week’s award for best post is given to Jack for his response So Why Do We Care?

Week 4 (Employers and Outcomes)

Best post goes to Zach with Behind the Face of Facebook for the excellent points and research about working conditions and employee satisfaction.

Week 5 (Generations)

Joe’s blog, Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation, included great references such as Socrates, Jean Twenge, and the Who.

Week 6 (Relationships)

Emily’s The American Dream and Morgan’s Some in Person Facetime

Week 7 (Dinner with Someone)

Vladimir’s Sushi Served on an iPad

Week 8 (Dialogues)

Readers’ Choice

Week 5 (Generations)

The first readers’ choice award goes to Vladimir for his post A Turning Point Generation- The Millenials. He shed a positive light on the oft-criticized younger generation.

Week 6 (Relationships)

Week 7 (Dinner with Someone)

Week 8 (Dialogues)

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