The NFL: Did It Withhold and Lie about Head Injuries?

Imagine graduating from college and accepting an offer from your dream job. At your job, you work on a computer the majority of the time. After a long and successful career at your company you start to experience health issues. Your vision starts to fade from staring at a computer screen for so many years and you start to get headaches. At first the headaches are manageable, but they get worse and worse resulting in memory loss. You can now barely function as a retired adult. Now image that the company that offered you your dream job knew the entire time that you would suffer during your retirement, but chose to withhold that information so that you would continue to work for them and earn money for company shareholders. How would you feel?

This is the same scenario that thousands of former and current NFL players are facing. Retired players have been suffering with brain damage as a result of their NFL careers, and the players believe that the NFL knew about the medical problems that would arise in retirement, but didn’t tell the players out of fear that they would stop playing the game.

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