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60 Second Ideas to Change the World (last blog)

Here is the scenario,

 You have sixty seconds to pitch your best idea, invention, policy, and so on.  Try to think outside the block and be creative.  It can be an invention, a policy or law change, a behavioral change, and so on.

Just a cool picture of an idea- of capturing lightning in a bottle.

Please read your post and time it to sixty seconds!  These should be short, powerful, and convincing.  60 seconds is about two paragraphs or 500 words.  The writing should be clear, compelling, and concrete. Continue reading 60 Second Ideas to Change the World (last blog)

Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

I actually got to meet Jason DeRulo after the concert last week– we talked ethics for a hot sec.

Do you think your goal as an artist is to be the most profitable tour or to express yourself and bring the most joy to your fans? Continue reading Jason DeRulo Talks Dirty to Me

“The story does not end here…”

This was originally written here.

I have edited a few sentences to reflect changes.


Almost no one calls me in my office.  90% of the calls are my wife or a textbooks ales representative (poor souls- they are ever-optimistic.).

So, when the phone rang two weeks ago, I answered it very informally.  “Unh, hello?”

“Is this Jordi?”  I didn’t have time to realize I should have recognized the voice.  “This is Mike Daisey.”

Mike Daisey Performing

Continue reading “The story does not end here…”

Blog 1 Apple, China, Drama, Technology, Us

First, watch this very famous ad from 1984.  Fun fact: it only aired once, but is one of the most famous ads of all time.

Second, you will need to listen to the bootleg of the This American Life radio show called “Mr. Daisey and Apple.”  Write a blog post (by Sunday, Sept 7) about your reaction to the podcast.  Your reaction can cover any aspect you like of the podcast.  It should be 3-4 paragraphs.  Also, please comment on four other posts by (Sunday, Sept 8).  You need only comment on the posts related to the podcast.

Background: This American Life is a long-running and popular radio show hosted by Ira Glass.  They are famous for their fictional programs, humor programs, as well as fantastic investigative journalism.  This episode, airing in early 2012, was the most downloaded of all time (a million downloads, I believe).  It features Mike Daisey, an actor who specializes in one man monologues.  What you hear is an excerpt (not the entire work) of a very provocative and famous  show he wrote and performed called The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.   In addition to the excerpt of TAESJ, the radio show (and podcast), address the topic.

For the purposes of this blog post, please write solely on your reaction to this hour of radio/podcast/audio content.

This was an amazing machine.

This is the kind of revolutionary Apple Macintosh that Mr. Daisey  and your professor used around 1984.