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I am an assistant professor in the Management School at Bucknell University. I specialize in organization theory, social networks, and studying the network society. I have three children, including twins. They love bouncing on the couch, legos, music, and my waffles. My wife teaches English at the same university. I am interested in most things, but these days, networks, social entrepreneurs, the environment, innovation, and virtual worlds. Finding Hidden Abodes and Shaking Iron Cages since 1972

60 Second Ideas to Change the World (last blog)

Here is the scenario,

 You have sixty seconds to pitch your best idea, invention, policy, and so on.  Try to think outside the block and be creative.  It can be an invention, a policy or law change, a behavioral change, and so on.

Just a cool picture of an idea- of capturing lightning in a bottle.

Please read your post and time it to sixty seconds!  These should be short, powerful, and convincing.  60 seconds is about two paragraphs or 500 words.  The writing should be clear, compelling, and concrete. Continue reading 60 Second Ideas to Change the World (last blog)

Greatest American Ever?

One of the joys of being a professor is that I have enjoyed deep, enriching, fascinating conversations, many over food (!) as part of my job.  This includes Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, Neil DeGrasse Tyson (who I had a monumental argument with), Rebecca Skloot (author of the award-winning Henrietta Lacks book), and Neil Gaiman; I also have met less- famous but very important people like many Bucknell trustees like Charlie Collier or David Scadden.  Or the Bucknell alumna, Jennifer Jackley who co-founded Kiva. Continue reading Greatest American Ever?

Blog 5- Generation We? Millennials?

The BC decided to go with an idea that has been on my mind.

gen divide
Courtesy of Time, Inc. Link.

What defines your generation?  Does it even make sense to discuss generations?  Or is it a category that obscures as much as it reveals? Continue reading Blog 5- Generation We? Millennials?

Blog 4- From Beanbags to Ethical Outcomes?

The BC (Liz, Kate R, me) met and had this idea for a prompt.

Does having beanbags and cafeterias and ping-pong tables for employees lead to better stakeholder outcomes?  To more ethical products or processes?  Like Fran Hawthorne asked about Apple, Inc in Ethical Chic, does a “cool” company translate into real ethical outcomes? Continue reading Blog 4- From Beanbags to Ethical Outcomes?

“The story does not end here…”

This was originally written here.

I have edited a few sentences to reflect changes.


Almost no one calls me in my office.  90% of the calls are my wife or a textbooks ales representative (poor souls- they are ever-optimistic.).

So, when the phone rang two weeks ago, I answered it very informally.  “Unh, hello?”

“Is this Jordi?”  I didn’t have time to realize I should have recognized the voice.  “This is Mike Daisey.”

Mike Daisey Performing

Continue reading “The story does not end here…”

Blog 3- Digging Deeper into Apple, Jobs, Daisey

The BC, (Joe, Jack, Theresa, and me) decided it would be interesting to see the Bucknell-produced version of Daisey’s actual play, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. Continue reading Blog 3- Digging Deeper into Apple, Jobs, Daisey