What is the true value of a dollar?




7 thoughts on “What is the true value of a dollar?”

  1. What is the true value of a dollar? Hard to say exactly I believe. But in regards to military defense, our dollar has created significant value. The residual tax payments that Americans make throughout the year that contribute to the development of our military create immense value. An adequate military, such as the American military gives us peace of mind and allows us to get a good nights sleep without any worries. This funding of the military has allowed for prosperity in other fields due to the domestic peace it provides, opposed to in other nations were constant attacks and inadequate militaries cannot provide peace, which prevent development in other fields. Despite our dollar creating his value, how do we know how much money is the proper amount to invest into the military opposed to other efforts such as environmental sustainability?


  2. This picture seems almost ironic to the way I went about value creation. Most of these miners are forced at gun point to work in terrible conditions for unsustainable wages. Yet, they do create value. People will either knowingly or unknowingly purchase such raw materials (not sure if this is diamond or gold mining). Thus this process, although unjust does creates value.


  3. Very different and creative view on “creating value” than everyone else. At what extent and how far will humans go to create value? How does the idea of creating value form our relationships with each other?


  4. This picture shows more than monetary value. Yes, there are workers ‘creating something’ in the ditch, but we also must consider human value. It’s not necessarily tangible. This picture brings the value of human emotion to life. It makes the viewer uncomfortable and concerned. It is human rights propaganda.


  5. This image really provokes a feeling of slave labor for me. It promotes a clear line of value created by pure profit. It shows forced labor that ultimately creates value for those that reap the direct benefits of the forced labor, but it completely destroys those who are forced into working.


  6. Are they mining diamonds?

    i find it sad and ironic that in a world awash in information, the most important information, like the fairness of the supply chains linking each of us to all of the material goods we use and value, is so hidden.

    While not much of a conspiracy theorist, it does make me feel like there are dark forces conspiring to keep useful information hidden behind the glow of an endless stream of silliness about Ray Rice, American Idol, and some shit the Kardashians are up to.(I am no defending Rice, just saying the coverage was out of whack relative to the numbers of women who suffer silently or other issues).

    Diamonds as precious commodities are kind of weird. Like what an arbitrary choice. What if an engagement ring was something the fiance MADE for his love. Wouldn’t that be more personal? And so we have this obsession with diamonds that fuels exploitation.


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